STMNT Grooming

STMNT CARE is a range of grooming products that sets a new standard in the industry

The Stmnt Care range features high-performance formulas that have been enhanced with

activated charcoal to purify and invigorating menthol for an extra fresh and clean sensation

These products have been designed to cater to all hair and beard types

The Nomad Barber’s Collection is a range of grooming products curated by Miguel Gutierrez, also known as the Nomad Barber

The collection includes beard oils, hair pomades, shaving creams, and more, all of which have been inspired by the best barbers and barbering traditions from around the world

The Nomad Barber is known for his travel documentaries, which showcase the unique styles and techniques of barbers in different countries

The collection reflects this global perspective, with ingredients sourced from around the world and formulas designed to work for all hair and beard types

SIGNATURE SCENT | A fresh mix of spices, lavender and a hint of wood

Staygold has an exciting collection!

Products included are  focused on providing products for achieving next-level texture styling and

features a signature scent that combines notes of citrus, peppermint, aquatic, and woody scents

Julius Cvesar’s styling collection offers a range of products that can be customized to meet each individual’s styling needs

The formulas are designed to be versatile and can be mixed and matched to achieve a variety of unique looks

SIGNATURE SCENT | A twist of creamy coconut and sandalwood with inflections of orris