Color Freeze


Color Freeze

100% Colour and Shine

BC Color Freeze provides not only up to 90% colour retention, but also 100% colour and shine, down to every single hair.

It captures colour pigments for longer lasting colour shine, giving the hair surface a polished effect.

The breakthrough Color Freeze formula seals the hair’s surface, glazing pigments in place for long-lasting colour and maximum shine.

At last, you can freeze-frame vibrant shades with 100% colour shine!


Color Freeze Formulation. Seals the hair surface while freezing colour pigments in place – 100% colour shine.

  • Hair surface is sealed
  • Colour pigments are frozen in place
  • Polished effect for a radiant shine
  • Up to 90% colour retention until next salon visit


Colour Stabilising Formulations
Seal the hair surface while freezing colour pigments in place.

Glow Magnifier
Features liquid silk extract that combines with targeted care ingredients to provide a polished effect for 100% colour shine.

UV Filter
Ultra violet rays from sunlight compromise the colour result and the hair quality over time. BC Color Freeze products contain a UV filter that helps to protect the hair without overburdening.

Amino Cell Rebuild
Rebuilds the inner cell architecture within all hair types, helps hair to recover.