Repair Rescue


Peptide Repair Rescue – For Damaged Hair

The First Biomimetic Hair Repair Technology For 100% Healthy Hair Surface

BC Repair Rescue revolutionises hair care with the FIRST Biomimetic hair repair technology.

BC Repair Rescue not only repairs the cells within the hair but also recreates the hair surface Biomimetically; for hair returned to its optimal level of health.

BC Repair Rescue; for a 100% Healthy hair surface, down to every last strand.


BC Repair Rescue for chemically or mechanically over-processed, damaged, distressed and sensitised hair.

  • Renews healthy hair surface properties
  • Strengthens and reconstructs hair in one step
  • Brings hair back to a healthier state after the first use
  • Hair looks and feels renewed and vitalised


New Biomimetic Repair Technology

Reproduces the protein-lipid-barrier using hydrolised keratin to recreate the function of a natural healthy hair surface.

Amino Cell Rebuild Technology

Biomimetic Repair Technology is the perfect complement to Amino Cell Rebuild Technology
The Amino Cell Rebuild Technology rebuilds the inside of the hair while the Biomimetic Technology restores the outer surface of the hair