Time Restore


Q10+ Time Restore For Mature and Fragile Hair

True Beauty Is Timeless

BC Time Restore helps repair the signs of ageing and return hair to its natural, youthful beauty. NEW Q10-PLUS-COMPLEX stimulates the production of vital keratins that would otherwise have been lost over time hair – making true beauty timeless.

Enjoy the lavish creamy textures and rich aromas in the complete range of care, especially designed to meet the needs of maturing hair.


Recharging, strengthening and fighting the signs of aging. Recharges mature hair with significantly (25%) more strength to fight the signs of aging.
Resilient, healthy hair full of timeless beauty…


• A substance detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the energy production in the respiratory chain. A higher concentration of the extremely effective coenzyme Q Plus now called Q10 Plus, stimulates hair roots to activate production of the two keratins that subside over time. Aiding the return of new hair to its optimum youthful composition.

New Amino Cell Rebuild Technology
• Specially rebuilds the hair architecture inside the cell
• For the first time BC offers the chance to accurately repair and rebuild the hair structure over time
• With each application the hair is recharged and provided with essential care