Hair On Central

Hair on Central

Back in 2001, before Theory for hair was created, we were called Hair on Central

Carmel & Dave  Lee were inspired by the street culture, boutique stores, coffee shops & their names in Ireland & in Chicago in the USA

We wanted to open a salon that wasn’t afraid to be authentic & specialise in Colour Correction … something others often shy away from

Quickly Carmel and the team of colour correction specialists based on a pedestrian walkway in Joondalup called Central Walk,

established Hair on Central as the “go to salon” in the northern suburbs of Perth.

As our business & team increased we out grew the premises & opened another salon in Subiaco & then another in East Perth

(a salon we purchased original called Freja)

As we were no longer just on “Central Walk” the name Hair on Central needed an update becoming Theory for hair

The name Theory came as we always had a keen focus on training apprentices & senior stylists & learning the “Theory” was often what set a good colourist & another hairdresser apart

In theory, Carmel is often heard saying | “In Theory” | “That’s our Theory” | “We have a lot of Theory to learn” (they love that one!)  & the name Theory for hair was born

In 2013 blending the teams & clients from our other locations into our new space on the corner of Hay & Thomas Street at 1324 Hay Street in West Perth.