OSiS+ Professional Styling Products 

OSiS+ Session Label

brings SUPERIOR STYLING PERFORMANCE, even when working on the finest hair types, thanks to premium SUPER light formulas using state-of-the-art styling technologies that offer more precision and maximum control. From high-performing powder to weightless mattifying and shine products, this new range creates tailored iconic styles, every time



OSiS+ LONG HAIR TEXTURE | Achieve Instant Effortless Texture

Styling long hair is changing radically.

Today’s long hair clients want an effortless, more natural look with texture and movement. And, in our fast-paced lives, they want them quickly and easily.

The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range reinvents styling for longer lengths with a dry texture spray, soft volumising powder, dry shampoo foam and dry conditioner. Invisible performance, innovative science, feather-light action and ultra-dry formulas make heavy, sticky, artificial looks history.

With innovative Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range opens up a new world of effortless possibilities.

Discover a new way forward.


is the ultimate look-based assortment, consisting of new-to-market heroes and high-performing iconic products with unique, workable textures.

Get inspired and reveal your individuality and create a unique style!

Some of our favorites are

Soft Texture | Wind Touch | Grip | Soft Dust | Refresh Dust | Mighty Matte | Dust it | Flex Wax | Powder Cloud

OSiS+ is the styling range we use & offer @ Theory for hair | West Perth

because of it’s consistencies & products that are sure to inject some energy and creativity into your hair