Osis+ Styling

OSiS+ is the styling range we use & offer @ Theory for hair | West Perth

OSiS+ boasts a remarkable selection of high-performing, iconic products with distinctive, malleable textures designed to help you achieve your desired look. Unleash your creativity, express your individuality, and craft a unique style that inspires you with OSiS+

Some of our favorites are – Soft Texture | Wind Touch | Grip | Soft Dust | Refresh Dust | Mighty Matte | Dust it | Flex Wax | Powder Cloud

The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture

This range represents a groundbreaking innovation in styling for longer hair lengths, offering a dry texture spray, soft volumizing powder, dry shampoo foam, and dry conditioner, these ultra-dry formulas provide invisible performance, innovative science, feather-light action, and eliminate heavy, sticky, and artificial looks once and for all

Discover the future of long hair styling today