Hair Extensions Perth

Theory for Hair are Perth’s leading hair extension salon. We use only superior grade hair extensions and our stylists are expertly trained in applying your hair extensions to ensure of natural, long lasting results.

We use both ShowPony Hair Extensions and Great Lengths Hair Extensions which are both made from 100% Human hair of the highest quality. For more on the high grade hair extensions available at our West Perth salon see the information below.

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We guarantee our hair is 100% Human Remy, it is actually Human Remy A+ Hair. All our tape hair extensions are made from a blend between Indian hair and European hair.The Indian Hair creates strength which helps the hair to last longer and the European Hair creates the softness. We DO NOT recommend colouring hair extensions as they have already been through extensive chemical processing and to do so may cause damage.If you do choose to colour your hair extensions we suggest bringing them into the salon for us to colour and match the extensions to your colour. We suggest you choose the colour that is closest to your natural hair so that the hair extensions “blend” with your natural hair colour.As our Hair Extensions are 100% Human Remy A+ Hair, you can use a Hair Straighter, Curler or Hair Dryer on them. To ensure your Hair Extensions last longer you can use a Heat Protector to prevent them from drying out due to excessive heat.showpony backstage
Great Lengths
Our 100% human hair extensions are hand crafted in Italy by Great Lengths. Great Lengths hair extensions utilises only the best 100% human hair of the highest quality.The hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples in virgin condition- meaning that the hair has never been chemically treated, bleached or coloured. Great Lengths hair extensions uses only ‘Remi hair’. This means that the cuticle is all facing the same direction which stops human hair on your head from tangling.Great Lengths hair is also double-drawn. This is a laborious manual process the hair goes through to remove all the unwanted short hair, and ensures that the volume and thickness of the Great Lengths human hair extensions strand is consistent all throughout.These important processes are only a small part of what Great Lengths does to safeguard its legendary quality. Great Lengths ensures that you receive hair extensions that look and behave exactly like your own hair; completely natural.