Smooth Perfect

Keratin Smooth Perfect For Unmanageable Hair, Lacking Shine

24-Hour Smoothness and Mirror Shine

BC Smooth Shine offers a complete range of care products to create and revive all looks. By incorporating the new innovative IPS COMPLEX and AMINO CELL REBUILD technology, for the first time there is a complete range, keeping hair not only caressably soft with an illuminating shine but also repairing the inside of the hair.


BC Smooth Shine with Amino Cell Rebuild technology, Ionic-Polymer- Shield Complex smoothes even extremely unmanageable and rebellious hair, providing long-lasting frizz protection and illuminating shine.
BC Smoooth Shine; 24-hour smoothness and shine like never before…


IPS-Complex (Ionic-Polymer-Shield Complex)
Combines cationic polymers and shine enhancing components.

Cationic Polymers
Use their positive charge to neutralise the negative charges on the hair surface thus helping the hair to stay tamed, smooth and straight.

Shine Enhancing Components
Act as a coating varnish allowing the IPS-Complex to provide superb high gloss and unique smoothness that lasts.

Amino Cell Rebuild Technology
Penetrates deeply into the hair to repair the inner cell structure.