Our Team

Our team of artistic hair stylists are frequently featured in local fashion and runway shows, where we collaborate with renowned fashion designers such as Wayne Cooper and Lisa Ho. We have also showcased our skills at Melbourne Fashion Week and various photo shoots

Our goal is to ensure that from the moment you book your appointment, you feel energized, thrilled, and eagerly anticipating your selected hair treatment or ritual

Carmel and Dave originally from Cork, Ireland, and possess a wealth of experience in customer service and retail. Carmel Lee, the Creative Director, leads the team and is an accomplished colorist, stylist, and educator. Carmel’s success as an entrepreneur and hair colorist has been featured in popular publications such as Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar

Carmel has traveled throughout Australia, presenting ‘look and learn’ seminars in cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. Carmel’s seminars focus on teaching the latest techniques and forecasting upcoming trends in the hairdressing industry

Dave Lee is a retailer with a background that includes co-ownership of Hair On Central with Carmel and a portfolio of businesses spanning sales, management, franchising, and telecoms & retail in Australia He has also worked in the fashion industry with top-tier brands such as BlackTie, GQ, Guess Jeans, and Gucci, Dave was involved in the establishment of an online and retail company named “WalknTalk”

At Theory for Hair, Dave takes on a multifaceted role encompassing salon coordination, employment, marketing, function planning, model and photographer casting, training seminars, gift concepts, and luxury experiences

He collaborates & partners with numerous Australian companies to achieve the highest level of service for the salon

Located in West Perth, our salon is the Schwarzkopf Professional ASK academy space in Western Australia, which serves as a global hub for training and excellence by Schwarzkopf Professional. From our space in West Perth, we provide training, education, and inspiration to hairdressers and salons worldwide

Check us out online @theoryforhair and hashtags #theoryforhair, #westperth, #westperthlocal, and #cityofperth